Natural Disaster Showcase

My muscles tense up every time someone walks by. I try to distract myself, throwing my head left and right, observing other peoples stands. I clench my fists, watching a few people shuffle to my stand. I hesitantly walk back, trying to avoid answering their questions. They noticed what I’m doing, gradually shifting off. I sigh, relieved.

Time passes quickly, and I’m okay with that. I checked my watch every minute, seeing time pass through my hands. Yet, at the nearly-very-end of the night, a voice reaches for me. I pivot my body, facing my stand. There, I see a complete stranger, someone I have never seen before in my life. They ask there question, and a minute of silence spreads through the air. I struggle to build up my confidence, yet my back was still sloped.

Finally, I say something. A long, detailed answer that I practised beforehand. Therefor, I expected a surprised reaction. Yet, all I got was a wide smile and a nod of the head.

The night was coming to an end, I was several students walk by my stand. I follow them, reaching to the end of the learning gallery.

I re-evaluate the night, disappointed at my confidence level. But, next time, I know I’ll try harder.

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