A Hollow Perspective

Behold, two tedious individuals cross paths. Two pair of eyes meet, alas, many sparks flew. He gripped onto his bag. His hands felt numb.

An awkward silence spreads through the air. They stand a metre away from each other. He has to go, he has a meeting to attend. She has to leave, she has an operation to perform. Yet, they stayed silent, eyes locked.

The silence was interrupted. Fred Hollow’s name was called. He took his last glance at the pretty lady standing in front of him. He looked away, not wanting the lady to see the longing in his eyes. His name was called again. He didn’t leave though. She knew he didn’t want to leave, so she left for him.

When he looked back, she wasn’t there anymore. It was like she was a figure of his imagination, and that’s what he thought. Until surprisingly a day later, they met again.